Hand Treatment Prices

Quick Fix Manicure - 30mins/£15

Cutting, shaping and polish.

Original Manicure - 45mins/£20

Cleanse, deep cuticle work, cutting, shaping and polish.

Luxury Manicure - 60mins/£25

Original Manicure plus exfoliation and treatment with oils and cream within heated mitts to achieve greater absorption into the skin, complete with a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Gel Polish Manicure - 60mins/£20

Cutting, filing, cuticle work and a polish that is instantly dry and will last for up to 3 weeks.

Gel Polish Luxury Manicure - 90mins/£30

Cutting, filing, cuticle work, scrub, oil, cream, heated mitts and a polish that’s instantly dry.

Gel Polish Removal - 30mins/£5

A simple removal of any gel polish.

Specialised nail treatment IBX - £5

Either under gel or as a stand alone treatment, this will help repair and strengthen your natural nails.

Artistic Nail Putty - 90mins/£30

A nail enhancement service that is 23% lighter than acrylic. It provides supreme adhesion without sacrificing durability. Price includes a gel polish finish.

Other Treatments we do