Foot Treatment Prices

Toe Nail Cutting - 15mins/£5

Cutting and trimming of your toe nails.

Quick Fix Pedicure - 30mins/£15

Cutting, filing and polish.

Original Pedicure - 45mins/£20

Heated towel to cleanse the feet, cutting, filing, cuticle work and polish.

Luxury Pedicure - 75mins/£25

Footlogix specialised Pedicure products that are tailored for individual issues/needs. For all your foot care needs, this is the ultimate package and includes cut, file, exfoliation, hard skin removal, heated booties with oil and cream, massage and polish.

Gel Pedicure - 60mins/£20

Cut, file, cuticle work and gel polish paint.

Gel Luxury Pedicure - 90mins/£35

Same as the Luxury pedicure, but finsihed with a gel polish paint.

Other Treatments we do